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Ali Mushaima will be accompanied by various crew members during different legs of his journey. Here are brief profiles of the team, listed in alphabetical order.

Ali Mushaima, expedition leader
Ali Mushaima
Ali Hussain Mushaima founded Arab World Tours in 1994, both to promote the best of the Middle East through the publication of travel books as well to bridge the “knowledge gap” between the Middle East and countries beyond. Ali developed his love for travel and adventure as a child when he accompanied his parents to historic places in the region. The Friendship Tour is his second such tour following the successful Dilmun to Dublin Tour in 2004.
Ammar Hammad
Ammar Hammad studied Computer Science in Texas, US before returning to Bahrain in 2003 to launch a career as a freelance photographer for private events and for advertisement agencies.
He is a member of the Bahrain Arts Society and recently won the first prize in three categories out of four at the society's annual photography exhibition.
Ammar has participated in numerous international photography exhibitions. He founded "360 Photography" for photographic services, specializing in 360 degree virtual tours and extended time-lapse photography.
Archie D'Cruz, Web Editor

Archie D'Cruz is a seasoned editor, writer and designer with intimate knowledge of Bahrain. He worked in Bahrain for six years in the Nineties, and visits the country often.

Archie's Canadian publishing and design firm, A Type Of Magic, has been behind the success of several books including all 11 of The Visitor's Complete Guide travel guide series as well as From Dilmun to Dublin, the book that relived Ali's first Friendship Tour in 2004. He is also Editor of two Canadian magazines, Confidence Bound (a motivational magazine) and Whatever, a general interest bi-monthly with a readership of more than 300,000.

His creative talents can be seen in several major advertising projects, including those for American Express, Electronic Arts, WalMart, Mirage Speakers, Zenith Electronics, Samsung Electronics and UPS.

Archie is the point man for the touring team's diary and pictorial essays, updating the website a couple of times each day. As Web Editor, he will only join the team once the tour is officially complete, possibly in Italy and Greece.

David Bloomer
David Bloomer
Irishman David Bloomer has been with Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation since the mid-'80s, starting as a newsreader then making the switch to DJ. His first shows were the Thursday and Friday breakfast, which are the least popular with the DJs, as they tend to curtail your weekend social life. 

In order to see if there was anybody out there, from time to time he played some early morning hard rock. It’s amazing that even now many years later people still talk about it.
Haider Rafiey
Haider Rafiey
Haider Rafiey has been a professional photographer for nearly 40 years. His very first camera was a Kodak box camera, though he has progressed greatly since then, listing the Nikon and Minolta digital SLRs as his favourites.
His preferred subjects are nature as well as traditional homes in Bahrain.
Haider takes great pride in being able to teach young people the art of photography, and he is a long-standing member of the Bahrain Arts Society.

James Davis
James Davis
Englishman James Davis first became interested in photography at 16 when he was given a Brownie box camera by an aunt. A job as an on-board photographer for P&O Lines gave him the opportunity to travel the world and start his own library of pictures. He set up James Davis Travel Photography in the late Eighties, and now counts among his clients names such as Thomas Cook and KLM.
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos is a British/Spanish broadcast journalist working at Bahrain Television as a news anchor/reporter and Radio Bahrain 96.5 FM as a newsreader. Her international media work includes working as a freelance TV reporter for BBC World’s tourism and travel programme ‘Fast:track’ and most recently the regional business programme ‘Gateway to the Middle East’ on CNBC Europe. More about Maria’s work can be found at her website  www.mariaramos.co.uk.
Petra Beuchert
Petra Beuchert
Petra is a German IT consultant whose work has taken her around the world. She studied Information Systems at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and lived and worked in the country for 13 years before moving on to Denmark, Germany and Bahrain. Petra’s base for the past eight years has been Scotland, though she continues to travel often, exploring new destinations during her holidays. 
Rebecca Torr
Rebecca Torr
Rebecca Torr, from Bristol, UK, has been a senior reporter for the Gulf Daily News, Bahrain, for the past five years. She also did a three month placement with the paper in 2000 when she was studying for her Master's Degree in Science, Culture and Communication at Bath University, UK.  

Prior to joining the GDN she worked as a public relations officer for the Society for Endocrinology and Association for the Study of Obesity in the UK.

In her spare time she enjoys learning Arabic, singing, playing the clarinet, travelling and reading. She is also a member of the Rotary Club of Adliya, Bahrain, where she is involved in projects that serve the community.

Sarah Clarke
Sarah ClarkeSarah Clarke has lived, worked and studied in six countries across three continents and has traveled extensively in between. She has worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors in education, research, management and engineering.

Her passion for the past 15 years has been working alongside disabled people to build a more accessible society.

In her spare time, Sarah loves to write, is learning Arabic, exploring the Gulf and running with her dog.

Taha Alawi
Taha Alawi
Taha Alawi is a business journalist with Bahrain's Al Ayam newspaper. His hobbies include fishing, camping, reading and travelling. 
Valentina Miskovska-Petrovich

Valentina Miskovska-Petrovich Valentina was born in Bitola, Macedonia, but has lived and worked in the UK for the past 16 years.

She insists she has only two vices: travel and shoes!

For years, she has been helping travellers discover the hidden gems of Macedonia and the Western Balkans.

It started by chance: She was bored one evening and was surfing the web when she stumbled upon the Lonely Planet website, and discovered their Thorn Tree forum, with  discussions on Eastern Europe, and she was hooked.

Since then she has provided would-be travellers with advice on various aspects of Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey on that forum, helping them discover the untold beauty of the Balkans.


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