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A Finnish welcome in Turkey
Written by Ammar Hammad   
Tuesday, 10 June 2008 00:14

Ali, Estella, Dr. Nazar, David, Dura, Mika, Vega and Iry, with Ammar behind the camera 

After a long drive through Syria, the Friendship Arabia has reached its latest  destination: Turkey!

It was in Syria that we had to say goodbye to four members of our team: Petra, Rebecca, Haider and Taha. All are being missed greatly as each one of them had contributed a lot of effort into this tour, and not forgetting the joy of their company. 

On the other hand, Dr. Nazar Al Haddad from Gulf Air has joined the team on its latest leg, and will accompany the team through Turkey as a photographer.

Crossing the Syrian/Turkish border went smoothly. The weather was nothing short of perfect (for photography at least). 

We headed for Alanya where we had arranged to meet some very good Finnish friends of Ali who have visited Bahrain several times and have even contributed articles to the Visitor's Complete Guide to Bahrain which Ali publishes.

Driving to Alanya was very challenging, not only because of how far it was (500km +) but because of the dark and twisting mountain roads that one must traverse to get to it. Ali, David and the LR3 have proved that driving skills and vehicle reliability are absolutely necessary for such a trip.

After driving for about 10 hours, we finally reached our destination. Ali's Finnish friends Iry, Mika and Dura took us to our home for the next few days and it was one of nicest villas we have seen.

The next morning we cruised around town and discovered its treasures that were hidden under the blanket of the night sky. We also made a few new friends along the way. 

Mika and Dura, along with Iry gaves us a tour of Alanya that finished with them inviting us with their lovely daughters Vega and Estella to a delicious traditional Turkish dinner.