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Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos is a British/Spanish broadcast journalist working at Bahrain Television as a news anchor/reporter and Radio Bahrain 96.5 FM as a newsreader. Her international media work includes working as a freelance TV reporter for BBC World’s tourism and travel programme ‘Fast:track’ and most recently the regional business programme ‘Gateway to the Middle East’ on CNBC Europe. More about Maria’s work can be found at her website  www.mariaramos.co.uk.
Maria is a keen traveller and prior to moving to Bahrain spent a year producing economic reports for the French daily Le Monde across Africa. She is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian and spends her free time studying Arabic, which she’s determined to master! (Last summer she spent a month at Damascus University trying to brush up on her Arabic and also produced a TV report for the BBC about foreign students studying Arabic in Syria.)

This is her second trip to Jordan. In September 2007 she filmed a report for the BBC about Aqaba’s tourism boom but did not get to see much of the country. Maria loves the desert and her favourite animals are camels. She’s particularly looking forward to exploring Wadi Rum and hopes to be the next Gertrude Bell after this trip! 

Maria feels that she’s a great spokesperson for Bahrain. “Living here and being so involved in events that shape the country, politically, financially and culturally gives you a great perspective,” she says.

Maria says whether it’s the ability to sing to sing Bahrain’s Ramadan festival of ‘Gargaoun’ song, covering the  Parliamentary elections, meeting successful Bahraini businesswomen, to following what the country’s SWF is acquiring or how Formula One has impacted the country and the region... are all part of the great kaleidoscope of working as a reporter in Bahrain and now she hopes to tell people on the trip what this little island is all about!