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David Bloomer
David Bloomer
Irishman David Bloomer has been with Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation since the mid-'80s, starting as a newsreader then making the switch to DJ. His first shows were the Thursday and Friday breakfast, which are the least popular with the DJs, as they tend to curtail your weekend social life. 

In order to see if there was anybody out there, from time to time he played some early morning hard rock. It’s amazing that even now many years later people still talk about it.

David now hosts the Friday morning sports show from 9am to midday during which he includes as much local sports as possible.

In a move to broaden the appeal of Radio Bahrain and to keep the public better informed as to what is happening in the Kingdom, the station has recently added live coverage of local events to its daily output. This has seen David doing a lot of reports and interviews on subjects as diverse as Finance, Culture, Politics, Arts and Sports.

David is a fully qualified off-road driving instructor and can been seen regularly in action at off-road course at BIC. He also has years of practical off-road experience dating back to the 1970s when he first went on safari across the Sahara in a Land Rover Series III.  That was the start of a life long love of off-roading which has taken him through the Amazon in Venezuela, the Namib and Kalahari deserts, the Empty Quarter in Saudi, and the remote Easter Island.