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Samothrace a real tour find
Written by Ali Mushaima   
Sunday, 25 July 2010 05:20

 Sanctuary of the Great Gods in Samothrace

After we left Philippi, we drove to Alexandroupoli, to take the ferry to Samothrace – it is just over a two-hour journey. After our arrival, we drove to our hotel, Samothrace Village on the main road, next to the sea.

Samothrace is located in the northeast Aegean, opposite Alexandroupoli, 29 nautical miles distant. It belong to the Perfecture of Evros and covers an area of 178 sg. km, with population of 5,000. It is still relatively untouched by mass tourism. It was first inhabited in the Neolithic era, in around 1000 BC Thracian colonisers came here, intermarrying with the indigenous population.

Afte we woke up the next morning, we drove to the Samothrace Museum for a tour and also visited the sanctuary, which attained its zenith in Hellenistic times. Then we drove to Therma for lunch and refreshment, after which we went to a small waterfall and met some locals who advised us to go to see the big waterfalls.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace 

We drove for around 15 minutes, then walked for another 45 minutes into a  forest where we came upon amazing waterfalls. We had our swim in sweet cold water, which was really good after the walk. The place is unique, specially for people coming from Arabia. The people in the area was surprised to see a car from Bahrain and we had a good chat with some of them and informed them about our expedition.

The waterfall and pond 

Then we drove to Kipi beach and had another swim and drove back. In the hotel we met the Mayor of Ferres, who was in Samothrake for a holiday. He asked us to visit his town – a 20 minute drive from Alexandroupli – and be his guest. We promised to try and make it.

Later at night we drove to Chora, the capital and had an excellent meal in a restaurant called Sotiros. You have to drive off road to get to it, it is only open in July and August.

Later we headed to our hotel and had a good sleep. Samothrace was a real discovery for our expedition and we know that we will be back for another visit. 

While our trip to Greece is almost at an end, we know that we will be back soon. There is a Greek proverb that says "Travel sharpens the wits." When it comes to Greece, it also soothes the soul.