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Alexander the Great was here
Written by Ali Mushaima   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 20:10

 The Royal Tomb of Philip, where Alexander the Great buried his father

After a good sleep and nice breakfast, we headed out for a meeting with Dr. Angiliki Kottaridi, Director of Vergina Museum. The drive took us an hour and a half. 

Once we got there, she gave us a warm welcome and told us she was reading about our visit to Greece on the Culture Ministry website. She was fascinated with the idea of driving because she hate airplanes.

Dr Kottaridi did a lot of work in Kuwait and is familiar with Arab customs and traditions.  The meeting was good  and we exchanged gifts with her and invited her to visit Bahrain.

She also introduced us to Anna Tsamakda, who is restoring a terracotta head from the grave of a Macedonian Queen found in the royal acropolis.   Later  she gave us a tour of the museum, revealing an amazing knowledge of every single piece there.

The royal tomb was found by M. Andronikos in 1977 and the museum opened in 2003. People who are interested in Greece and its history should have this museum on their list. It was at this site that Alexander the Great actually walked into the gate and buried his father and put a gold box next to him. No matter how we can explain, just to be there and imagine Alexander the Great walking on the steps and entering the gate is amazing.

The tour took us over three hours. Ammar is working on a second 360º virtual tour of the museum so readers can get a sense of the place.

After we left, we drove to Katarini, to meet a close friend Demetry Podas, who invited us for a coffee and snack. 

When driving back to the hotel, we were stopped by the police who asked us where we were from and what we were doing. They were courteous and friendly and wished us all the best with rest of the trip.

Visiting the Vergina Museum has been the highlight of the trip so far. It is 2.30am now in Greece and we have to go to bed since we have a full day trip outside Thessaloniki. We will keep you posted... Greece Sagapo! (Greece, Love you)!

Anna Tsmakda restoring a terracotta head (480 BC) found in a grave of a Macedonian Queen