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Exploring Thassos by motorbike
Written by Ammar Hammad   
Sunday, 11 July 2010 21:13

Exploring Thassos on our hogs! 

Earlier today, Taha and I rented scooters to go around the island and explore its beaches, little towns and some hidden gems. We decided to follow the road and take a full 100km round. We were following a map that we picked up from our hotel; it indicated where all the best beaches were, and sure enough, we picked two of the best beaches (Paradise and Golden beaches) and took a dip to to cool off. 

What wasn't really on the map were the secluded beaches, they weren't easily accessible and were rocky yet a lot of fun and gives the sense of being in your own private beach. We stopped by one of these beaches near Aliki and had a good swim.

We drove off the main street that goes around the island and entered a town called Potos. It's here where you see how the people of Thassos live, it's not as touristy as the rest of the island and there isn't much to see or do, but it's here where we realized there is more to this island, for most it's a fun destination but for few, it's home.

Our round trip took 6 hours, full of fun, spectacular scenery and under great weather. I highly recommend renting a motorbike while you're in Thassos, or for a safer ride, a 4-wheel ATV will also be great, just make sure you take the full round at least once.

Paradise Beach