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Greece Kalimira!
Written by Petra Beuchert   
Friday, 09 July 2010 11:24

 Taha feeds the seagulls

In case you're wondering what the headline means, it's "Good morning, Greece!"

Last night thunderstorms and heavy rainfall slowed down our journey and we decided to spend the night in a hotel near Tekirdag. The next morning, we completed the remaining 160 km to the Greek border. 

We continued on to the small fishing port of Keromoti from where we took the ferry to Thassos. It’s only a 30 minute crossing and you can either enjoy the fascinating Greek scenery or spend your time feeding the seagulls as Taha, Ammar and Ali demonstrated. 

When we arrived in Thassos, we had lunch in a small restaurant close to the port.

A rainy farewell to Turkey