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A beautiful night under the stars
Written by Ammar Hammad   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 18:20

Rock of Cappadocia 

Today we left Syria and we miss it already; our stay was full of excitement and adventure. We thank the people of Syria for their great hospitality.

Crossing the Syrian-Turkish boarder went smoothly and we then continued driving for about six hours to finally reach the majestic town of Cappadocia. Like always, the Turkish landscapes took our breath away and made the drive seem a lot shorter.

Turkish music at 1001 Nights motel 

When we got to our motel 1001 Nights, we got a warm welcome from the family that run the place and had dinner while listening to live Turkish music. We stayed here two years ago, and had forgotten how serene the place is. Sleeping inside rock carved rooms isn't something you do everyday! 

We're surrounded by rocks under clear skies with more stars than we usually see. Right now it's 2am. Haider, Taha and I are enjoying the atmosphere so much we want to get the most of the night and willing to sacrifice some sleep time.

 Turkish landscape

Look at those cherries, and yes they taste fantastic too!