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Valentina Miskovska-Petrovich

Valentina Miskovska-Petrovich Valentina was born in Bitola, Macedonia, but has lived and worked in the UK for the past 16 years.

She insists she has only two vices: travel and shoes!

For years, she has been helping travellers discover the hidden gems of Macedonia and the Western Balkans.

It started by chance: She was bored one evening and was surfing the web when she stumbled upon the Lonely Planet website, and discovered their Thorn Tree forum, with  discussions on Eastern Europe, and she was hooked.

Since then she has provided would-be travellers with advice on various aspects of Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey on that forum, helping them discover the untold beauty of the Balkans.

She also discovered the virtualtourist website, and that is where many beautiful friendships were started, many experiences exchanged.

Through the shared love of travel, she met many people from different countries and cultures.

Valentina loves travelling and learning about new and exciting places. She makes certain that her family is part of her adventures, with her husband and three children all being experienced travelers.

Her next adventure will take her to Israel, Jordan and Lebanon.

For readers of this website who are interested in travel adventures in Macedonia, use the Contact form to get in touch - Valentina will be happy to help.